So, just were you were looking for huh… marriage and relationship advice right? Me neither. That said, having done many things wrong over the years I really connected with so much of what Dr. Cox teaches.

This s not another “here is how to spice up your date night” series of talks … it is much more foundational and anchored on the Word.

Some favorites quotes…

“Think of conflict more golf, not tennis.”

“Sadness is a powerful and holy emotion … sadness helps us move from point A to point B… You can be angry forever but sadness transitions us.”

“You can have your temper tantrum slick but I’m getting out of your blast radius and the answer is still no.”

Here is his 4 part series along a PDF study guide that Dr. Cox gave at a marriage conference at Intown Church in Atlanta, Ga. Hang on tight, your in for a ride.

Here is the link to Dr. Cox’s website:

Here is the link to Dr. Cox’s podcast: or simply search Dr. John Cox in favorite Podcast app.